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Top 5 Karen’s of the Week

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Karen’s have seemingly taken over the world with their unwarranted complaints and incessant need to speak with the manager.

Here at Dessert Boxes we have an abundance of experiences with Karen’s and we thought we’d share our best, or worst, depending on how you look at it, Karen encounters of the week.


      This Karen surprised us all when we realised her name was actually Karen. Her complaint came in the form of two parts. Part one resulted in back and forth between the Karen and our team, when she claimed that her order of, You Thic Cookies, arrived with only three cookies and not four.

      Our boxes are packed and sealed in the same warehouse before they are sent off to their delivery address. Therefore, we assured her that no one opened the box and ate one. She did not believe us. The recipient was her nephew so we assumed maybe he was just trolling her. Part two of Karen’s complaint came in the form of the realisation that it was indeed her nephew who ate the cookie. Karen chose not to apologise in this instance.

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        4. THE MALE KAREN

          Frank was a special type of Karen, firstly because he was a man and secondly because all logic was missing in his complaint. According to Frank, he submitted his order with the wrong address, he only realised after the fact when the box had arrived. Frank then proceeded to tell us that we made a mistake and must amend it immediately.

          Frank would even go as far as to demand a full refund because we would not send our driver back to amend an issue that we did not make.

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              This Karen went by Maria and she let us know that everything was perfect and she got exactly what she ordered, however, she wanted to change her order after it had been dropped off.

              This entitled Karen then demanded that our driver go back to the warehouse, acquire freshly made donuts, drive all the way back to her and give her the new donuts that she realised she wanted after the fact.

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                  Serena was a special type of Karen, either she did not know about the floods earlier in the year or intentionally chose to ignore that they were taking place because it slightly inconvenienced her.

                  This Karen thought it wad absolutely outrageous that our driver would not drive through flood water just so she could receive her Dessert Box. We even called as a courtesy and Serena let us know that the floods are not that bad and that we didn’t even try to complete the delivery.

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                    1. THE KAREN WHO HATED PINK

                      Top spot goes to the mother of all Karen's. We completely understand that some people view certain colours as boys and girls colours, we do not judge, however, a pink candle being used on a Dessert Box for a boy is not worthy of defaming our entire company to your family and friends. Or maybe it is if you’re entire family is just Karen’s in the making. Jeanette, you probably did us a favour darling.

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