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We’re three siblings from Sydney who decided it was time to bring back the excitement of presents!
Dessert Boxes was born out of our frustration of having to send and receive boring gifts, which would end up dying, being thrown away, never used, or at best, re-gifted! 
So we took it upon ourselves to create Dessert Boxes & Donut Bouquets as a way to
So whether you need a gift to next say 'Sorry for f*&cking up', 'Congrats on the Divorce!', ‘Enjoy the D ’ or 'F*$k the diet, I prefer your curves!' a Dessert Box is the way to go.

We're bold, cheeky, and a whole lot of moist (yes, we just wanted to use the word moist)
Oh and we’ve also made a donut in the shape of the rude finger. Why? Cause some people just need to be told where to stick it.