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About Us

We’re waging a war on boring presents! Why? Because there are wayyyyy too many people who are re-gifting, re-turning or re-cycling. Dessert is here to re-invent gift giving!

Now, I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine being at home, or at work, and receiving a knock on the door. You answer the door, a box is handed to you, your hands are shaking with excitement as you open the lid, a light shines out and – lo and behold – there is a box full of goodness, right in your hands! A box of happiness. A box of love. It’ll make your day ... And night ... And taste buds! (I get teary just thinking about it.)

You’re totally nodding right now (and maybe drooling) so it’s a good time for us to introduce ourselves. We’re three siblings from Sydney who decided it was time to bring back the excitement of presents. You might know us as the founders of Kayter co, a dessert catering company who introduced the world to the dessert coconuts, catered the Kardashian event in Sydney, turned the Golden Gaytime into a burger and introduced Fried Oreos! Now it’s time for, the place you come to when you want to send happiness.

Oh, and remember … flowers die and jewellery rusts (well, cheap jewellery does!)