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Try Elevating Your Next Gift with Dessert Boxes Freeze Dried Lolly Add-Ons.

TikTok trending treats are now available at Dessert boxes! With three freeze dried candies available as an add-on option for your box. Freeze-drying removes moisture while maintaining their taste. These tiny bursts of flavour and crunch will transform your experience, making each bite an unforgettable adventure making them the perfect gift for the trendy friend, your adventurous friend, your favourite sibling or even your grandma. 


Freeze Dried Skittle Bag - $15

Offering a fun and crunch twist on the classic candy, freeze dried skittles are the perfect choice. The freeze drying process maintains the intense fruity flavours of Skittles, but with a new, crispy texture you’ll love. 


Freeze Dried Gummi Bear Bag - $15  

You are going to want to try these Freeze Dried Gummi Bears! Made using classic gummi bears. Once freeze dried, these chewy bears become incredibly airy, crunchy and MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH delicious! 


Freeze Dried Sour Worms Bag - $15 

If you loved these little worms before, you’ll love them even more freeze dried! These worms are a symphony of flavour with their original taste elevated to a delightful explosion of sour goodness, creating a crunchy, airy, zingy experience like no other. 

Add these freeze-dried treats to your next box from Dessert Boxes!

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