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Get Stuffed: Filled Donuts, the Ultimate Unforgettable Gift

When it comes to selecting the perfect gift, why not surprise them with something unique and utterly delectable? Enter filled donuts, a heavenly treat that combines the classic appeal of a donut with a delightful surprise hidden within. Whether it’s for your grandma, sibling, best friend, partner, colleague, last-minute gift or even just treating yourself you are guaranteed to enjoy these stuffed desserts. 

Box of Chocolate Donuts - $49 

For those who can't resist the allure of chocolate, the Box of Chocolate Donuts is the perfect gift. Including donuts stuffed with nutella, boston custard, Kinder cream and white chocolate and topped with delicious chocolatey coatings it is a chocolate lover's dream. 

Ultimate Donut Ranking Challenge Pack - $49 

Make gifting even more fun with the Ultimate Donut Ranking Challenge Pack it’s the perfect box to enjoy on a night in or send to a friend as a gift. Including 4 different flavours of stuffed donuts; strawberry jam, boston custard, hazelnut cream and white chocolate these oozy donuts are so good you’ll want them all to be first place.


Salted Caramel Pretzel Milk Chocolate Donut 4 Pack - $55 

For those who appreciate the harmonious combination of sweet and salty flavors, the Salted Caramel Pretzel Milk Chocolate Donut 4 Pack is a must-try. These donuts boast a heavenly mix of caramel, pretzel, and milk chocolate, whether it's a gift or a personal indulgence, these donuts are sure to impress. Including donuts stuffed with dulce de leche and topped with Tony's Chocolate's delicious salted caramel milk chocolate they’re a memorable gift anyone will enjoy. 

Filled Donut 6 Pack - $62 

Filled Donut 6 Pack

When it comes to gifting options, the Filled Donut 6 Pack is a surefire hit. Packed with an assortment of mouth watering flavours, this pack offers a delightful surprise with every bite. Including donuts stuffed with nutella, strawberry jam, custard, white chocolate and kinder fudge. This box makes the perfect last minute gift with enough variety to please any sweet tooth. Also available in a pack of 4 or 9. 


The Motorboat Box - $65

Whether it's a gift for a birthday, anniversary, hens night, bachelor party or your cheeky grandma, the Motorboat Box is sure to delight and surprise. This box takes stuffed to a whole new level with two jam filled donut boobs between a donut penis it is sure to be a hit. 


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